Unique Residential Geothermal Systems

There are many forms of affordable, clean, and renewable energy, but geothermal energy sits right beneath your feet! It's abundant, extremely efficient, and cost-saving beyond belief. Our geothermal systems can provide the absolute best solutions to your home's energy needs.

The Benefits of Geothermal Energy

  • Over 400% efficient
  • Up to 80% energy cost reduction
  • Clean energy
  • Renewable energy
  • Excellent property investment

Why We Are Your Geothermal Experts?

Total Heating & Cooling Inc is one of the most respected geothermal systems designing and building companies in Central Pennsylvania. Since 1990, we have been installing residential geothermal systems.

We have provided hundreds of custom geothermal heating and cooling solutions to clients in our communities. Our expert estimator takes the time to design a system that maximizes efficiency, reduces cost, and produces the solutions your home needs.
ClimateMaster Geothermal

Not Convinced? See How Much You Will Save!

We stand by our systems, and when we say they truly provide value to your home and energy needs, we mean it.
Click below to see just how much money one of our custom geothermal systems can save you:
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Thorough Geothermal Consultations

In order to properly design, build, and install the best geothermal system for your home, we'll conduct a thorough, accurate, and personalized evaluation of your property and energy needs.

What We Can Provide for Your Geothermal Project?

  • Quality assurance
  • Innovations in design
  • Systems that meet or exceed your expectations
  • Comprehensive maintenance and repair

Partner With the Industry's Geothermal Experts

Geothermal energy systems are still an emerging technology. Because of this, the pool of experienced and talented designers and estimators who can create these systems are limited.
Total Heating & Cooling Inc partners with the best in the field to provide your home with a system that best suits your needs.

Creating Value Through Design

Every heating and cooling system requires customized design and installation to be truly efficient. With geothermal energy, this is even more paramount to achieve the best efficiency. We believe in doing things right, so we leverage our expertise to provide you with the best system.

Why We Are Your Best Choice for Geothermal?

  • There is no middleman - you work directly with us
  • We create simple, efficient, affordable systems for all applications
  • We help control the budget
  • Our designs and professional estimators are proven
  • We'll create the system of your dreams, providing value to you

How Can Geothermal Benefit Me?

Geothermal energy is free, abundant, renewable, and nearly emission-free. It works through any weather and natural disaster, and retains reliability where conventional energy fails. It is also one of the most efficient forms of energy, which saves you money, repair costs, and time.
Geothermal systems can last twice as long as conventional forms of energy production, adding equity to your property. Still not convinced? Call us today!

Efficiency Through Design and Innovation

What is loop field geothermal design? This system takes advantage of a geothermal heat exchanger, which is the actual source of procurement for geothermal energy from the Earth.

The Importance of a Custom Geothermal Design

Geothermal heat exchangers are the most important part of the entire energy system because its direct source of energy comes from Earth, 24/7. These exchangers must be designed for each client, including you, to ensure they meet your energy needs.
This is no simple task so when you want a system that works, call on Total Heating & Cooling Inc's professional technicians and designers!

Placing Your Needs First

No two systems will ever perform in the exact same way, nor will they produce the same energy output. We create systems based on your needs:
  • Closed loop heat exchangers (horizontal or vertical)
  • Open loop heat exchangers ("pump and dump")
  • Pond heat exchangers

If There Is Geothermal Energy to Be Found

We will find it for you! Constructing a proper geothermal system involves assessing your property and creating a design that works with the resources available. This ensures proper energy output and a long-lasting system, free of failure, and expensive repair.

Our HVAC Team With Nearly 30 Years of Experience

Our experience has allowed us to become experts in our field. We are competent in our design and evaluations of geothermal systems, and will provide our knowledge to you, translating your investment into true value and returns.
With prompt service, personal care and attention to your needs, and a satisfaction GUARANTEE, there is nowhere better to go than Total Heating & Cooling Inc.

Geothermal Solutions to All Needs, Large or Small

We have serviced homeowners and business owners throughout Central Pennsylvania for nearly three decades. Our experience covers the design, operation, installation, and maintenance of residential and geothermal systems.
We also repair, service, install, and replace all conventional residential HVAC systems. Need the best new installation with a guarantee? Call us today.
Get FREE estimates on our services!
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Customer Review

"Just a short note to let you know what a great job both of the men did regarding the installation of our geothermal heating and cooling system. We greatly appreciated their politeness and professionalism. Also, they did a great job in cleaning up the leftover debris."
- Tom & Barb
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