Commercial HVAC Design & Build

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Tailoring HVAC solutions to your needs

Every business is unique. Every facility and its operations are unique. Your business is no exception - you are unique! So why should your HVAC system simply be pulled from a catalog? Total Heating & Cooling Inc recognizes these facts and creates custom solutions for you.
HVAC Repair

No Commercial HVAC Job Is Too Big or Small

For nearly three decades, we have provided custom HVAC solutions to small, medium, and large enterprises. Whether you have a shop on the main street, or a large commercial facility, we have the experience, resources, and knowledge to provide you with an HVAC solution that's best suited for your business.

Why Our Custom HVAC Design and Build Solutions Work Best?

  • We are the designer, contractor, and installer - there is no middleman
  • We are your single point of contact for repairs, service, and installations
  • We provide budget control
  • We ensure efficiency in construction
  • We offer proven designs and builds
  • Our professionals have the knowledge needed to design and build your system
  • We will realize the vision of the system you want most
24/7 emergency
service for existing customers!
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Our licensed and insured company has been creating more innovative solutions for your property through custom HVAC design and build.
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